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Jul 15, 2021

Jason Mallet  joins Robert and Friedo to talk about being a responsible adult when it comes to purchasing a home.

Jason is a true Texan born and raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

He spent 24+ years working corporately in logistics and operations management and still assists with special logistics projects today.


JPON Glass Company

During this time he also built a large sales organization with a nutraceutical company and expanded his entrepreneurial enterprise in 2008 when he purchased and began running JPON Glass Company

He has brought expertise in understanding budgeting and financials to the mortgage industry. Jason has a servant’s heart and wants to provide his clients with the information and tools they need to meet their home ownership dreams.

Working with and spending extra time with first time home buyers is important to him. He is active in multiple chambers of commerce, loves to network with others and to spend time with his family.